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APPM 4390/5390

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Essential Mathematical Biology
Dynamic Models in Biology

Course: Mathematical Biology, Spring 2016
Professor: Brendan Fry
Office: ECOT 338

Class website: APPM 4390/5390
Office Hours: MW 1-2PM, OR BY APPOINTMENT (and Tue or Thu TBD)

Essential Mathematical Biology
Corrections to early printing
By: Nicholas F. Britton
ISBN 1-85233-536-X
Dynamic Models in Biology
By: Ellner & Guckenheimer
ISBN 0-69112-589-9

Lectures: MW 3-4:15PM, FLMG 102


The goal for this class is for students to develop a fundamental understanding of how mathematics is applied as a tool to aid in studying complex systems in the biological sciences. We will thoroughly investigate case studies in several fields including: Molecular Systems Biology, Sea Turtle Ecology, Glucose Metabolism, HIV Pathogenesis, and Microbial Community Dynamics. Graded work will include a mix of theoretical and computational homeworks and short research projects, culminating in a final group project.



All projects are to be contributed to the Mathematical Biology Wiki.