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Matanya Horowitz

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Matanya Horowitz

Studying: Applied Math, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Economics
Adviser: David Bortz

Research Area

Immune Complement Model
  • Matanya's research interests lie in the modeling of Immune Complement, an important part of the body's immune system. Specifically, he is researching the sensitivity of the mathematical model of Immune Complement to determine the effects of various perturbations as well as verify the accepted methods of regulation.
  • Collaborators: John Younger


  • Matanya has worked as a research assistant for Todd Murphey for the past 3 years, helping develop a Roomba based test-bed. This allowed for the successful simulation and implementation of a cooperative control experiment in which three Roombas were able to move a box across a room.


  1. Todd D. Murphey, Matanya Horowitz: Adaptive cooperative manipulation with intermittent contact. ICRA 2008: 1483-1488