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Stephen Kissler

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Stephen Kissler

B.S. Student, Department of Applied Mathematics

Expected Graduation: May 2013

Contact Info:


Fractal Structure of Bacterial Flocs (see current work)

Current work includes studying the dimensionality of bacterial flocs to better understand their floculation characteristics. Collaborators for this work are Dua Chaker, Victoria Gershuny, Ben Noe, and Martin Sotola, and our research advisor is Dr. David Bortz.

Extensions to a Two-Delay Glucose-Insulin Regulatory Model (see wiki)

Extends work by Li et al. (J. of Theoretical Biology, 2006) on a two-delay DDE model for ultradian glucose-insulin oscillations. My collaborator for this work is Cody Cichowitz, and our advisor is Dr. David Bortz.

Modeling Growth Patterns of Physarum polycephalum

Includes extensions of a work by Atsushi Tero et al. (Science, 2010) on a computational model of the network-growing characteristics of the true slime mold Physarum polycephalum. Advisors are Drs. Jim Curry and Anne Dougherty.